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Getting the Press to say YES !


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I’m a celebrity publicist, brand marketing strategist, tv show creator, executive producer, author and transformational speaker with over 20 years of experience. As an expert in PR, Marketing and Personal Branding, I’ve helped celebrity and corporate clients improve their businesses, their brands, and their bottom line. I have worked with celebrity talent like Jay Z, Neyo, Brandy, Niecy Nash, Ludacris, Laila Ali, and Terrell Owens. I’ve worked with BET, VH1, TV One, Def Jam Records, Empire Records, and Universal Pictures to name a few.

I’ve had so much success helping public people continue to build their platforms, that privately people have been asking me for years to help them.

Now, I’ve made it my mission to help transform the lives and careers of 1000 executive and entrepreneur women by December 2020. It doesn’t matter if you are a 20-year vet in your industry or just graduating college, I will show you how to position your brand to market yourself for success. In six weeks or less, you will learn HOW to get the media and marketing attention your business needs to grow quickly.



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  • You’re a creative or entrepreneur who’s created something really special and you don’t know how to get the media to pay attention.

  • You have some ideas for increasing customers, clients, fans and followers, but are not consistently achieving your desired outcomes.

  • You’ve already set up the basics to support brand visibility: website and social media platforms, but realize that you need a strategic partner to help you plan and push to the next level.

  • You know you are walking in your purpose and your passion with your business and your brand, but you haven’t been able to produce the profit you deserve.

  • You’ve studied the marketplace and realized that you have a unique and useful idea, plan or product that can be extremely impactful, but no one knows you or how to buy from you.

  • You  have spent countless hours, days, weeks, months, and years talking about launching a product or branding yourself, but allowed time, money, frustration, and doubt to get in your way.

  • You are ready to become the “go to” expert, entrepreneur and influencer in your industry.

  • You are ready to get noticed, grow your business,  your brand and your bank account.

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“My business would blossom if I was able to book a TV interview “

“I wish I could have attended the BET Awards or spoke on a panel at Essence Festival “

“I send the Media Release  out but, then there was the silence.  Not one blog or online magazine or tv booker responded to me . I don’t have the courage or confidence to keep going with no response. 

“If I could get one radio interview,
the entire city would know about me !“ 

“I have the drive and the dream, but, I just can’t seem to get the right exposure for my business to grow.” 

“ My products are better than some of the ones in Allure but I just need the editor to see them.“ 

“I’ve done my research, a good publicist cost anywhere from $5,000 - $15,000 and more a month. I don’t have the income to hire a publicist yet, how can I get media on my own?” 

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In 6 weeks you will get the following lessons and so much more

Week 1: Get clear on your Audience and what purpose you serve

Week 2: Get clear on your goals and create a plan of action

Week 3:  Create your best Brand story that connects with your audience

Week 4: Create a strong media plan, why are some media outlets better for you and your brand than others  

Week 5: Write Your First Press Release

Week 6: Ready, Set, Pitch !

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  • You’re 100% committed  to amplifying your voice, expanding your influence and advancing in your leadership and career.

  • You care deeply about  the legacy of female entrepreneurs, executives, and creatives that must be left for future generations of girls and young women.

  • You have been surviving on a “hope it works” marketing plan, but need real strategy and tactics from a veteran like Monique Jackson.

  • Your  plan isn’t working because you lack confidence and doubt people will buy or follow your brand.

  • You know you have something to offer your industry, your community and the world.

  • You are READY to communicate powerfully how your brand and your product is distinct from the competition.